My favorite lunch spot is The Sage


Owner Cindy Lorenzen and her children manage, cook and serve in this lunch-only spot on the mezzanine of the Wright Building on the corner of Third and Davis. The menu is anchored by soft, thick-sliced and often-warm brown bread baked daily. I think it’s a secret recipe from the previous owner.


Sandwiches (with that amazing bread) or hearty, flavorful soups (served with the bread, too) as well as delicious salads (also with bread) draw crowds of locals and tourists alike.

Get there before noon or after 1:30 or you’ll wait for a table. (They don't take reservations.) Even then, you might wait. But it’s always worth it. I think their Friday clam chowder is the best you can find in McMinnville (although Golden Valley Brewery and Restaurant is a close second). And they’re famous for the rich, creamy broccoli cheese soup, available every day. I usually order the TBA salad … Turkey, Bacon and Avocado with a combo of the Red Wine Vinaigrette and the Swiss Garlic dressings. With bread. So satisfying.

When you're done with lunch, be sure and explore La Bella Casa downstairs for fun cooking tools, darling baby clothes, home decor items and Vera Bradley bags. Seasonally you'll find wonderful things for the Holidays or spring flowers by the bunch. 

Other lunch options I recommend?

Try Crescent Cafe up the street. Delicious breakfast and lunch items, all home made. The friend cornmeal with eggs for breakfast is yummy, and their salads are excellent. 

The Barberry, depending on the seasons, is open for lunch. Upscale and interesting, the menu varies widely but uses fresh and local ingredients. They also offer brunch. And they're in the next block!

Or in the same block, facing Third Street, is Thai Country. Traditional Thai dishes, fast and friendly service. 



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